BPM Leiden is the place to be for ultimate workouts for both body and mind. We offer workshops, private lessons, and group pole dance classes.

What can you expect from our classes?

No experience is needed to start with our pole dance beginner classes. Our lessons are suitable for everyone, regardless of age, body type, or sports experience. We gradually build strength and flexibility in a supportive environment with small group sizes, allowing us to tailor the lessons to each individual’s level.

Poledancing is the perfect combination of sports and dance. It’s not just about building strength, flexibility, and endurance with us; it’s also about having fun while moving. Our classes focus on boosting self-confidence. After a few sessions, you’ll not only see physical progress but also notice improvements in balance and focus.  Movement has never been this enjoyable and satisfying!

Curious about our classes?
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BPM is the place to be for ultimate workouts for body and mind. We provide workshops, private lessons and group lessons in pole dancing, aerial hoop, dance & yoga.


We offer exciting workshops for group outings such as bachelorette parties and corporate events. In addition to pole dancing, you can also choose from a variety of dance workshops, including Burlesque, Twerking, or Heels.

Pole Dancing Workshop:
We kick off with an energetic warm-up to set the mood. Then, we delve into the world of spinning, climbing, and sitting on the pole, gradually uncovering new skills step by step. We tailor the workshop to your preferences, whether you’re seeking a sporty challenge, looking to add a touch of sexy, or simply want to have fun—perhaps even dressing up. Our experienced instructors ensure an unforgettable day.

Burlesque Workshop:
Discover the Diva or Femme Fatale within yourself. This workshop celebrates femininity and provides a well-deserved confidence boost with a generous dose of humor. Whether you’re a bit reserved or outgoing, everyone finds their place during this workshop.

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Workshop Pole dancing Leiden, Bachelorette party




Pole dance is  a fusion of gymnastics, ballet, acrobatic and sensuous dance skills. In beginners 1 you will be introduced to the basics of pole dancing. You will practice the basic techniques such as different spins, climbs & seats. During each lesson, you will develop more and more strength and flexibility to be able to perform the exercises better. once you can do the basic spins, you can move on to beginners 2. Here you learn to make combinations of the different spins you learned and start working on your invert techniques. Once you  master the basic inverts like helicopter, butterfly, layback you can move on to intermediate 1. 

What to wear
I recommend strechy shorts and a sleeveless top. And leggings for warming up. In addition, we request to not use lotions or creams on the skin for at least 24 hours before you come to class.

There are beginner classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (all-levels), Thursdays, Fridays (all-levels) and Saturdays and Sundays. In these classes we work with continuous intake, so it is possible to start at any time of the year.
Please see our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates.


All levels class, this class is open for pole dancers of all levels. 
You can also join as a beginner but we do recommend to first take at least some classes in a beginners group to learn the basics . In the all levels lessons there will be different excercises, with options for every level. It is also possible to request  certain tricks, when you want to work on some specific moves.

There are all levels classes on Fridays from 18.30 – 19.30 and on Wednesdays from 20.00 – 21.00
See our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates


Have you mastered all the basic techniques of pole dancing and are you ready for more of a challenge? Then these classes are for you!
In this lesson, you will learn more difficult spins and tricks and new types of grip. You will also make a start with more advanced tricks like the shoulder mount and handspring. You will be challenged more in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance. At the moment the intermediate1 lessons are combined with intermediate 2 level. Our instructors will give you options suitable for your level. 
Once you have build enough strength to feel confident in the invert techniques you learned in the Intermediate 1 lessons you can move on to intermediate 2.  The exercises and hanging techniques you have learned will be combined and the exercises will become even more challenging, more powerful and you will need even more flexibility. 

Monday evening 18.30-19.30, Tuesday evening 20:00-21:00 and Sunday morning 11:30-12:30.
Please see our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates.

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