Pole dance is a perfect fusion of sport and dance. In the pole beginners 1 lessons you will be introduced to the basics of pole dancing. You will practice the basic techniques such as different spins, climbs & seats. During each lesson, you will develop more and more strength and flexibility to be able to perform the exercises better. after 10 to 20 lessons you will be able to move on to beginners 2. Here you learn to make combinations of the different spins you learned during the beginners 1  and you will learn more invert techniques. You need between 20 and 30 lessons to be able to master the basic invert techniques like helicopter, butterfly, layback / cross knee release and move on to intermediate 1. 

What to wear
I recommend stretchy shorts and a sleeveless top. And something warmer like leggings for during the warming up. In addition, we request to not use lotions or creams on the skin for at least 24 hours before you come to class.

Trial lesson

Click here to book your trial lesson. After paying you can sign up directly for the class of choice by our class schedule

There are beginner classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays (all-levels), Thursdays, Fridays (all-levels) and Saturdays and Sundays. In these classes we work with continuous intake, so it is possible to start at any time of the year.
Please see our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates.


All levels pole dance class, this class is open for pole dancers of all levels. 
You can also join as a beginner but we do recommend to first take at least some classes in a beginners group to learn the basics . In the all levels lessons there will be different excercises, with options for every level. It is also possible to request certain tricks, when you want to work on some specific moves.

There are all levels classes on Fridays from 18.30 – 19.30 and on Wednesdays from 20.00 – 21.00
See our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates


Have you mastered all the basic techniques of pole dancing and are you ready for more of a challenge? Then the pole dance intermediate classes are for you!
In this lesson, you will learn more difficult spins and tricks and new types of grip. You will also make a start with more advanced tricks like the shoulder mount and handspring. You will be challenged more in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance. At the moment the intermediate1 lessons are combined with intermediate 2 level. Our instructors will give you options suitable for your level. 
Once you have build enough strength to feel confident in the invert techniques you learned in the Intermediate 1 lessons you can move on to intermediate 2.  The exercises and hanging techniques you have learned will be combined and the exercises will become even more challenging, more powerful and you will need even more flexibility. 

Monday evening 18.30-19.30, Tuesday evening 20:00-21:00 and Sunday morning 11:30-12:30.
Please see our class schedule for the most up-to-date dates.


The advanced pole dance class is the highest level and the exercises that seemed undoable in the beginning become possible in this class. You build up extreme strength and flexibility to be able to perform the most difficult exercises. There are many varieties of exercises so you can keep pushing your limits in this class. 

At the moment advanced classes are mixed with the all levels class on fridays 18:30.


In the sexy pole and pole choreo classes you will learn how to dance and feel sensual. 
You will learn floorwork, low pole tricks and spins combined in a sensual choreo.

What to wear
Anything in what you can move easily and that makes you feel confident and feminine. In the sexy pole classes you can wear heels but this is not mandatory. For this classes I strongly recommend to wear kneepads

The Heels classes are Fridays from 19:30 – 20:30 and the pole choreo classes are on saturdays 11:15-12:15. Both lessons are English speaking


Aerial hoop routines often incorporate spins, hangs, drops, and poses that showcase the performer’s artistic expression and physical abilities.
The aerial hoop does take a lot of upper body strength, but complete beginners are welcome as you will learn tricks and poses step by step, building your strength up over time and developing your flexibility.
Our classes are all about fun and fitness, for all ages, sizes and abilities.  We all work together to be encouraging and all-inclusive. Each individual will learn techniques at their own pace, when you are ready for them. Everyone progresses at different rates and you will be guided through moves safely and effectively.

What to wear
Leggings or Lycra trousers.
Long sleeved top will help protect arms but Vest top would be ok.|Don’t wear anything too baggy, it might get caught.

Wednesday evening 18:50 – 19:50. Click here to book a trial lesson.

Aerial hoop lessen Leiden
personal training Leiden


Unlock the benefits of personal training at Body Pole Mind Leiden! Whether you’re looking to refine your technique or focus on personal goals, our certified personal trainers are here to guide you to success in no time. With one-on-one guidance, you’ll master the right techniques down to the finest details. Our dedicated trainers are committed to keeping you motivated, helping you achieve your best self. Reach your fitness goals and experience transformation with personal training at Body Pole Mind Leiden!

We can plan private  lessons outside regular classes. Contact us now to book your first private session and unlock personalized guidance.


This course is suitable for complete pole beginners.
You do not need to have any experience for this course, the lessons are suitable for everyone regardless of age, sports experience, flexibility, physique, etc. During this course you will learn the basic techniques of pole dancing. We work on building strength, flexibility, balance and self-confidence in a fun way. We will practice basic grip and spinning techniques and who knows, you might end up hanging upside down in the pole after just a few lessons!
We work with small groups of max. 12 so we can provide personal attention.

It is also possible to start pole dancing during regular beginners classes. Here it is possible to start any time of the year. 

Starting dates

-09-09-2024 20:30-21:30

Tickets 4-week beginners course €37,50 for te whole course

See our class schedule for the most current start dates. Are there no new courses in the agenda or is it on a day/time that does not suit you? Contact us a message and we will look at the possibilities together!


This course is especially suitable for people with an age over 40 without pole dancing experience.
During this course you will learn the basic techniques of pole dancing. We work on building strength, flexibility, balance and self-confidence in a fun way.
We will practice basic grip and turning techniques and who knows, after just a few lessons you might be hanging upside down in the pole!
We work with small groups of max. 12 so we can provide personal attention.
Costs for the 3-week course are €30.


If you are interested in this course, please send an email to bodypolemind@gmail.com
If there are enough registrations (at least 4), a course can start on Sunday afternoon.


Do you want to work on your flexibility and strength? Then these classes are for you!
During these classes we work on  strengthening exercises for the whole body. We increase endurance and work on flexibility. These are essential elements for pole dancing. We do this in different styles.

There are Conditioning & stretch classes on Tuesday evenings from 19:30 – 20:15 and Flexibility classes on Sundays from 12:35 – 13:20.
It is also possible to participate in some of these classes online. If this option is not in the schedule and you would like to participate online, please send a message and we will do our bests to make this happen. 

Barre Workout bij Body Pole Mind Leiden

Barre Workout

Experience the perfect fusion of ballet, yoga, and pilates in our barre workout classes for a total body workout that embodies both strength and grace. Elevate your fitness journey, enhance your posture, and sculpt your muscles with this unique blend of disciplines. Join us and discover the beauty of balance at its finest. Embrace the elegance of Barre Workouts – your body will thank you!

From 21 January on Sundays 19:00-20:00.

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