Workshop Yvonne smink

Workshop Yvonne Smink

09-03-2024 komt Yvonne Smink naar BPM Leiden om een workshop te geven.

Workshop Static flow & rotations
Level: beginners 2 and up (Required helicopter, inside & outside leg hang )

About the workshop:
Learn to flow around the base of the pole with fun spiraly combos! In this workshop Yvonne will teach you how to properly execute flow technique and spins on a static pole, make fluid transitions in and out of tricks and ultimately combine it all while still keeping your smile up.
Also you will learn how to master the technique of creating flows without touching the floor in this inspiring workshop. Momentum, rotation, and flying are key words!
About Yvonne:
Yvonne was introduced to poledance in 2011 and not a single day has gone by without her training (or thinking about training) on the pole! Originating from the wallclimbing scene, she immediately fell in love with the physical challenge poledance gives her. Her unique style shows influences from chinese pole and breakdance among others. Every performance is detailed and filled with movement that takes the audiences breath away.
Yvonne is a multiple Dutch Pole Champion and was a finalist on the Dutch TV Show ‘Everybody Dance Now’. Other titles she achieved are overall Winner Pole Theatre Paris 2016 and Pole Art winner Pole Theatre UK 2018. 
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